Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just in Time for Spring Cleaning

This is the Happy Broom. I live with a man and an 11 year old boy (with lots of friends) and three boy kitties. My existing broom just was not happy, and quite frankly, I wasn't happy whilst using it. While shopping with a friend, I saw this lovely flower be-decked broom. She said "that is a happy broom". I have brought the Happy Broom home. I use the Happy Broom a lot. I am currently happy using the Happy Broom. (Some days I hold onto the Happy Broom like she is the mother ship.)
Now I just need a happy mop...


  1. I must have one! Where did you find it? EVERYBODY needs a flowery happy broom! Did it have a matching dustpan?

  2. It did not have a matching dustpan. Happy Broom was located and purchased at Home Goods. Now to find a happy mop...