The Cathouse

The Angels:
Jacob.  One of the great loves of my life.  I got Jacob for my 21st birthday and he passed away shortly before I turned 40.  He was dignity and grace.  I miss him daily.  He has his own catster page:    
                             Sleep softly, my love.                             

With his baby brother Heimo, in the window, in the toybox, and curling up in an afghan.

With Toivo and Estelle
Sugar and Spice and all Things Nice.  Estelle's story is archived in this blog.  She passed away a few days before Thanksgiving 2009.  I was so very thankful she was my little girl.
Estelle's catster page:
 Obviously from the pictures, Stella enjoyed napping!!  I love this picture below of her. 
Her color is so vibrant!
 Toward the end, she got a little frumpy and thin, but never lost a bit of sweet!
 She and mama loved each other very much.

 Napping with Toivo.
 Napping with Heimo.
 Sleep softly, little girl.