Thursday, March 13, 2014

Queue Up

Spring will just not arrive for us!  We are waiting patiently.  Well, we have been waiting patiently, but our patience is waning.  It seems that our nastiest of weather occurs on the weekends, which leaves us housebound and dreaming of greener and warmer days.  

Right now on my needles I have Owls.  I finished the lower part of the body and was ready to begin the first sleeve, but could not find cables to go with my knit picks needles.  Now, I could put the body on waste yarn and dig through the bin to find other needles of the size needed, but I was perplexed as to why I did not have those extra cables.  I am really not one to leave a project on needles, especially a project that would not come to mind.  I tend to finish what I start in knitting.  So, I went on a search and found Sitcom Chic by Bonne Marie Burns languishing for years.  There were two cables on the second sleeve (I knit sleeves in the round with two circulars).  Half of that second sleeve was complete.  I figured I could put those stitches on holders, grab those needles and run back to Owls.  But. . . perhaps I should just finish Sitcom Chic, have the cables AND needles back into circulation (pun intended) and have another finished project off the needles.  So that is what I am doing.  Pictures of Owls will have to wait, but soon there will be pictures of a spring sweater to reveal.  A spring sweater in the works since 2007.  Yes, 2007.

I have spent a bit of time organizing stash yarn and performing advanced searches on Ravelry to use up that stash yarn.  If you are like me, you search Ravelry in your spare time and find projects to fill up your queue.  These projects are in my queue and I have the yarn in my stash to make them.  Bonus!  (Don't tell my husband, but even knitting these up will not dent the stash yarn.  Well, maybe a dent or at least a little mark). 

Hey, Teach! by Helene Rush.  The stash contains three suitable choices:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in two different colors (gray and smoky green) and Knit Picks Mainline in turquoise.  Haven't decided on the color yet.  I've been on a blue kick lately so that's what I'm leaning toward, but breaking the lean might be good for me.
 Waiting for Spring Sweater by Susan Dempster.   Recommended yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease Solids and Heathers.  I have a beautiful blue green stash I picked up at a sale years ago.  There is also in the stash a rusty red choice.  I'm thinking the blue green (see my bent right now?).
 Twiggy Cardigan by Jane Richmond.  I have an absurd amount of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick.  Many colors to choose from.  Thick and Quick tends to go on sale at Michaels periodically and when that happens I make a purchase (or two).  Time to thin out the thick (and quick) stash!
 Oatmeal Pullover, again by Jane Richmond.  I like her designs.  They are simple, yet feminine and classic.  I have a pretty tweedy Patons Chunky Shetland Tweed in light blue and gray.  I also have Knit Picks Shamrock which might work as well.  

Of course, my queue and available yarn is greater than the above selections, but let's start small, eh?  What's in your queue?

Stay tuned for upcoming Sitcom Chic.

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