Monday, July 4, 2011

Le Tour de San (Diego)

In the spirit of le Tour de France, I'm posting my newest love: beach cruiser bicycles. When we arrived at our hotel in San Diego on Mission Bay, our hotel offered bicycle rentals. We immediately rented and hopped on. I fell in love! See the smile on my face?
One speed leisure cruising along Mission Bay's boardwalk. We rode to the ocean (though must admit the man and I walked our bikes up over the bridge). Is it possible to be bicycle smitten? Yes, I am here to tell you, it is! I didn't want to get off of my bike and park it for the night. Though it was a bit chilly by the ocean, I merely purchased a sweatshirt and kept right on riding. When the man asked me how much I liked them, I told him that if the flight home were not a consideration, I would be purchasing one, and that I would most definitely be asking Santa to bring me a beach cruiser come Christmas. He pointed out that internet purchases were all fine and good, but that it wouldn't be from San Diego, where this particular love affair began. How right he was! Definitely, I needed a true San Diego beach cruiser, and here she is, all girly and laid back. She brings a bit of the beach air to my Midwestern town. I've big plans for this girl. White wall tires, pink basket, flowery bicycle bell, pink hand grips with pink and white streamers. Why, I might even clothespin some playing cards in the tires! Isn't she lovely? Le Tour de Ms. Fancy Pants!

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