Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everybody Needs to Feel Important

Life has been very stressful for me of late. I should actually knit more under stress, but I don't. Knitting can be such a zen experience and calming, but when I'm mega stressed, I just don't seem to grab the knitting bag. My lovely kitties have been all over me today. My little shadow Heimo is such a dear. He sat in my lap and gazed at me while tears ran down my cheeks over the stressors in my life. I rewarded him with hugs, or maybe I rewarded myself with those hugs. We all need to feel important in life, and my cats always make me feel important. Always. They remind me that when I'm feeling unimportant and insignificant, that I am indeed important and significant to them. And that counts. And that reminds me that I am significant to myself as well. I have been working on Amused. There were a few snags I had to work out mathematically to get the fit I want. We'll see if I do indeed get the fit I want. I have no pictures to update, but hope to get a few more inches knit over the next few days and then I'll try it on and snap a few to post. It's a top down sweater, which allows me to try it on as I knit. (need to lengthen my cable so that it doesn't pop off the needles when I do.) Oh, and Heimo and I will need to ball a hank this week. Oh joy.

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