Monday, March 2, 2009

Broken Resolutions and School Burritos

Well, that resolution went flying out the window! Amused is still on the needles and I have spent ridiculous little time knitting. After I get off this computer, I plan to work some rows. It's not that I've been amazingly busy or anything. I haven't. Did get the house scoured from top to bottom this weekend, went to the movies and shopping and dinner with a friend, but that's it. Not the "I can't believe I'm too busy to even knit a few rows" kind of lifestyle. Just hasn't happened. Also, February is a short month, so yeah, can't expect to finish a project in February, right? Maybe I'll get this off the needles by the end of March, when it will be too warm to wear it. Let's hope the end of March will be too warm to wear a sweater! I'm a bit tired of the cold winters. Last year when I was still newly transplanted from Arizona, the snow and cold was fun and a bit of a novelty. Yeah. The novelty has WORN OFF! I'm not hating it, but I'm definitely ready for warmer temps. In a completely unrelated story, I have a "from the mouths of babes" to share. I was teaching the after school program at our school the past two months (which is now finished!!! Yippee!). I would have the kids meet me by the restrooms, they would take their restroom/drink break, we'd head off for our snacks and then begin the computer lab programs leveled to their particular remediation needs. Anyway, one afternoon last week while on the computers, a young man (4th grader) came up to me holding his belly with grimace on his face and asked to use the restroom. He was gone for quite some time. When he returned I asked him if he was sick and he said "No, but that's the last school burrito I'm ever going to eat!". The fifth grader sitting next to him, without even looking up from his computer screen, concurred "they'll get you every time, dude."

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