Friday, December 3, 2010

Knitting is in my Forecast!

We have anywhere from 3-5 or 6-8 inches of snow forecasted for our area this evening. Snow should begin falling around 9:00p.m. and continue overnight. The disparity in the accumulated amount is due to the fact that we are on the border of the weather band producing the heavy amounts. Morning will tell. I must say that I am excited about the first snowfall! This week when temperatures took a turn for the cold, I was none to happy. We had a very mild fall and truly enjoyed the slow departure of my summer. I bemoaned the fact that I could no longer sit outside or walk to the post office (or do recess or bus duty) without bundling up. Was thinking "Yuck" with a capital "Y" about the arrival of winter. there is the pretty stuff coming! Love the pretty stuff. I am anticipating the beauty out the windows of the living and dining room as I knit, knit, knit happily in the winter.
Of course, I'm under deadline knitting right now, which has me contemplating "cheating" on my knitting. I am one of those monogamous knitters. I love starting and finishing a product. Seeing a product through all its stages. I believe I am a process knitter; not a product knitter. It's not that I'm dying and/or impatient for the product, it's that I enjoy the process as it evolves into a product. But, lately I find myself daydreaming of other products. Almost convinced myself to cast on a different project the last few nights. "you know, I've been wanting to make myself mittens for years now...the weather is getting cold...wouldn't it be nice to go out in new handknit mittens? Plus, I've never made mittens before. What a fun, new project that would be. I'd be learning something new; I love learning new things, after all, I'm a teacher!" These thoughts bounce around in my head as I sit and work on Xmas project knitting. Several people are getting the same item and this particular item is two items (yes, socks, hopefully they won't read my blog or figure it out if they do). Not even different patterns. Not even different yarns. I never thought I'd say it, but...I know why knitters cheat!
This Thanksgiving, the adults got together for our feast and our annual photo. We were all bummed the boy wasn't with us, but we're going to try to photoshop him in. Thus far, this is what we have:
This last one will be the annual Christmas card. The first one was a fun attempt! Loads of fun was had posing for photos. Mom wanted us all on the floor, but a few were taken standing...

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