Sunday, December 12, 2010

Visions of Sugar Plums...

A new Christmas gift to self! A KIP bag (knitting in progress) from Etsy shop Ruddawg that is absolutely adorable!

(If you are family, stop reading now and return to blog AFTER Christmas!). I have been doing deadline knitting, deadline knitting, deadline knitting for months now; well officially for over a month as I began November 1st. Not a big fan of deadline knitting, but it is self-created/self-imposed! I want to cast on a pretty small thing deserving of this girly and fabulous bag, but alas, I currently am knitting camouflage (yes, that's right, camouflage!) socks for dad and brother. That makes a total of four socks I have to make. Am finishing the third now. Row after tedious row of camouflage. The socks are being made identically so that there is no whining from the boys that the other got a better pair. If I were making different socks with different yarns and different patterns, perhaps I would not feel that I am slogging along. Camouflage yarn does not belong in this fabulous bag. After Christmas, I will cast on for a girly little object that will be fittingly worked in my bag. Until then, I will admire the hot pink details and satiny flourescent orange drawstring and flirty love birds and dream of exactly what projects are deserving of this KIP bag.

We are hosting Christmas at our house this year. I have grand plans, my friends, to make Christmas wonderful for all. Just ordered a load of Nestle Lion Bars from British chocolates are far superior to American. They contain more milk and less wax and are heavenly and divine! My parents and I discovered Lion Bars on a trip to London many years ago. Lion Bars will roar in the stockings this year! I've ordered from this company before and they are wonderful. I'm a bit worried about Christmas delivery, as I ordered just yesterday and not sure if this close to Christmas will delay my product delivery, but we'll see. If they're not here for stockings, I can eat them all myself after everyone departs!

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