Monday, May 16, 2011

The ABCs of Knitting - B is for...

Big Beautiful Ball of Bear Creek Bulky in Blackberry:
which plans to be this hat.
Baby Boy (stealth knitting): Back-up Bag (alternative knitting project). Bring it on! (ravelry queue!) For more of the ABCs of knitting, check out these projects for B is for....


  1. Love the colour of that yarn! Did you buy it just for all the "B's"?? ;) Look forward to seeing the hat.

  2. That Bear Creek Bulky is amazing! It looks so soft and warm!

  3. The blackberry looks so squishable. And I've just seen the cat in your banner. I'm in love with that cat. And you like The Who. Never been bettered.

  4. I did not, in fact, purchase the yarn just for the Bs. I can't wait to wear that hat, but it's another few seasons away. I'll keep everyone posted when it hits and exits the needles! And yes, it is soft and squishy and warm and lovely. p.s. the little kitty at top is Heimo, my shadow, about whom I've posted quite a bit.