Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yarn Swap Part Deux, (or Why I Sent the Skein I Did) My ravelry yarn swap recipient, pinkundine, received her skein of yarn from me. She sent me a lovely message indicating that the color choice was a good one for her. I am glad. I waited eagerly to see if my swap choice was a success or failure. Like every other prudent knitter, I always purchase extra yardage when beginning a project. I always have a skein (or two) left over from my project, and I never return them to the yarn store. They just get added to the stash. There are plans in my head for baby sweaters and accessories... I chose to send a bluey/purpley tweedy wool that was leftover from my Wicked sweater. It was girly enough, wool was practical enough, and there was enough yardage to create an accessory. It's hard to imagine an accessory for someone when you don't know the color of their winter coat, or if they require a winter coat, but it did seem like it would appeal to a person of the female persuasion. It would likely languish in my stash for years, as we keep have grand boybabies. I can't wait to see what she makes of it!

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  1. Definitely a success ;) And I have 6 winter coats, so it works with at least 2 of them *laughs*

    On my way to Ravelry right now to look up patterns.