Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This is the Segue

 My return to the blog world.  It has been very nearly a year.  No excuses other than life has a way of getting in the way of our simple pursuits.  Life.  This past year has been an enjoyable one.  We spent the year engaged and we continue to be fully and madly in love.  We continue to be engaged and wrap up this engagement in early summer.  Plans are ongoing...

So a quick recap of 2012 will include a few photos.  I have not been behind the camera much this year.  My iPhone has captured most of my pictures.  It is time for a new camera, but until the time comes that we acquire a new one, iphone and old camera will have to do for continued visuals on this blog.  I have finished objects to report and announce, but will save that for perhaps a finished object Friday post.

2012 I learned to crochet.  I started my crochet venture following the Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy of attic24.  After much trial and error and stash purple/blue/green variegated yarn, I produced a little blankie for grandbaby boy one, seen cuddling with grandpa and new ripple:
 I followed the Neat Ripple with a stashbusting Granny Stripe, also by attic24 Lucy (she writes fabulous tutorials!).  I had all intents and purpose of using stash only yarn to create this beauty, but colors would pop into my head as being the next perfect color and I'll admit I ran to my local store for those colors as the muses called.  I am madly in love with my granny stripe, which has been named "The Disco Blanket" by my man.  There are a few sections of 70s colors, which, while obnoxious, lend a charming granny character to the granny stripe.  (Those of us who had grannies who produced knit and crochet goods in the 70s know of what I write).  Boots is enjoying the Disco Blanket.  My man was not initially fond of the The Disco Blanket, likening it to yarn vomit, but has since been enveloped in its warmth and has changed his appreciation for The Disco.  The whole story will be forthcoming.
 Mid-Spring saw lots of work on our patio.  We live next to railroad tracks and the view from my patio table was not my favorite.  My very handy and talented man made me a visual block in the form of a wall that I had designed in my head.  He followed that construction with new steps under the sliding glass door (not pictured), bricked paths at both ends of the patio (also not pictured), and the leveling out and re-grassing of the patio area.  Notice how low the ground is on the patio.  No longer my friends!  Please note that this picture is very early spring and my patio had not yet been adorned with furniture cushions or green and flowering plants in pots.

 There was an Easter trip to meet the kids halfway and spend time with them.

There was a summer trip to spend additional time with the kids.  We had a grand time with them, but we always do.  Daughter-in-law and I enjoyed a day free of men and boys when we went shopping.  That is becoming our specialty together!

I am the proud owner of a new car!  The 2012 Dodge Dart, to be exact.  Made locally.  This is the first new car I have ever bought.  Didn't like the idea of debt, but was convinced I amnow old enough and liquid enough to do this.  I am very pleased that I did!
Another car acquisition was the 1937 Chevy Sedan pictured below. We made the trek to the Upper Peninsula to pick it up.  Snafus ensued.  Disco Blanket and the man bonded.  More on that later. 

While spending time with my aunt and uncle, I trekked to Mummu's house.  Mummu is gone now, but her love of knitting and crochet lives on. 
And of course, the holidays have come and gone and I have no pictures to commemorate them.  I'm sure someone took pictures...

Thanks for tolerating the update.  More knit and crochet projecting details will be blogged about soon.  Wanted to catch up, so that I can segue into knit blogging once again.

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