Monday, February 27, 2012

Hopping Along!

Now I admit, I consider myself a sweater knitter.  It is my project of choice.  Sweater knitting encompasses everything I need out of my craft.  Challenge, tedium, familiarity, product.  However, sweaters take awhile to knit.  I do not knit every night, so they take me even longer than those who do.  I enjoy finding a pattern, acquiring the yarn, casting on and laboring away.  

But, there comes a time in the whole sweater knitting process, that I need a break.  A quick fix.  It is usually around the "nearly done" stage of the sweater, but not close enough to finish it that day.  Right about sleeve making time.  

So this weekend, I needed me a quick knitting fix.  A finished project.  This has already happened during the   knitting of Ingenue (remember the cowls? remember the crocheting?  remember the rag rug that got underway?)  This weekend's answer:


Project well underway.  Notice the pretty stitch markers?  I purchased them last November at a craft fair and finally had occasion to use them.  Ooooo, I feel so girly knitty!  I used the old workhorse standard, Paton's Classic Wool.  Great for felting.  Two strands, one each of Aran colorway and Natural Mix colorway.

Hopsalots off the needles, seamed up and ready to agitate in the washing machine.  The pattern called for hand-felting.  I chose to run them through the wash.  They took three cycles: a 12minute agitation, and two 4minute agitations to felt perfectly to fit my feet.  Bunny ears felted one 12minute cycle.

All the parts sat on the furnace vents to dry overnight.  Eagerly, I rushed home from work together to put together my bunny slippers.  Contemplated bolting early from work, but didn't think bunny slipper assemblage to be a good excuse to leave early.  Immediately began attaching ears.  I didn't even start dinner first.  (Did feed the cats first; needed them out of my hair!)
And here they are, perched and posing on my sewing box.  Aren't they cuteness?!?

One little bunny peeks up at her owner.  Hey there, little cutie!  Glad to meet you!

 Heimo prepares to meet the bunny slippers.
We're unsure of this as he's just been roused
from his afternoon nap.

An initial meeting seems promising.  He later 
tried to nibble a bunny ear but was quickly 
diverted with the licking of a Cheetos chip.  
Ready to walk off to the sunset together, my bunny slippers and I 
(or to the sink to do dinner dishes).  

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