Monday, February 20, 2012


Making a rag rug with old t-shirts and a crochet hook:

I started by cutting old t-shirts from side to side to create loops of fabric.  (Cutting off the bottom hem first)  After all the loops are cut out, join each loop into a chain with a slip knot.

Tighten the slip knots:                                                                          Wind into a ball:

After you've wound your t-shirt yarn into a ball, begin crocheting.
I made a chain of about 40-50 with a size N hook and then began
single crochet.  Whenever I would run out of a color on the yarn
ball, I would simply attach another yarn ball with the slip knot and keep going.  I have included a close up shot of the single crochet t-shirt rug, as well as the work in progress at my feet.  The strip of red is from one adult medium size sleeveless t-shirt, so one shirt does not go very far!

I ransacked the closets for t-shirts that are never seen on bodies in this house.  I did not ransack my own closet, because I only hang in my closet clothes that I actually wear.  When the man came home and found me happily cutting up shirts, he immediately went to the pile of folded t-shirts and began to protest.  "This is a good shirt.  Look at it!  No holes or stains on it.  Why would you want to cut this up?"  When I showed him the rug in progress, he was instantly ready to head to his own and the boy's closets to gather more t-shirts, including ones that are still in wear rotation.  He was amazed and transfixed by the process.

It is slow going, as one t-shirt does not go very far in the rug growth process.  What lays at my feet is four t-shirts, one of which was long sleeved and I was able to get more loops out of the sleeves.    I can tell you that my hand hurts like all get out from the cutting of t-shirts!

I did pick up Ingenue today.  With all the crochet that I've been experimenting (badly) with lately, fun though it be, I needed to feel smart and accomplished and choose my more proficient art form.  The body is now off of the needles with arms ready to start.  I plan to get the arm stitches on the needles tomorrow.  

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