Monday, February 6, 2012

A Week of Handknits

I was perusing the closet of handknits very closely last night. It was not self-indulgent, gratuitous, self-admiration at play here, but rather, thought I caught a shadow
of a glimpse
of a moth
with the
Needless to say, ran straight off to local "everything" store and bought lavendar and cedar chips in BULK, folks.
Anyway, back to my story.
I was perusing my closet of handknits very closely last night and marvelled at the sheer amount of knitting that has graced these hands. So, my goal this week is to wear a handknit each day. I'm sure this goal could extend past the week, but we'll start with that.
Today's choice, obviously, was the newly knit Bulky Moebius Cowl. Here is a gratuitous boob shot of me at work sporting its lovely blacks and purples. A co-worker who spins oo-ed and ahh-ed appropriately at not only the yarn, but the magic that is moebius. I love working with other yarn junkies! What to wear tomorrow??? Stay tuned.
Need to tell you all that my big boy Toivo is not well. We are battling feline chronic renal failure. Received the diagnosis this summer. Currently he has very limited interest in eating and his acidy tummy frequently returns its contents very quickly. If I can keep little bits in him often, he does eat better, but I do have a day job. I'm doing the best that I can with him right now. He has lost a lot of weight. He sleeps a lot more. But, each morning he does play a bit with Boots. He gets goo-gobs of attention and loving from everyone. What will our little Heimo do when Toivo leaves us? Heimo adores his big brother. When Heimo first joined our family, Toivo was having none of it, or him. He acted the big bully to that little kitten full of energy and zip and zim. And Heimo was having none of it. Heimo is like his mama in that he feels if someone doesn't like him, they obviously have not spent enough time with him.
Time and Heimo wore Toivo down and now they spend a great deal of sleeping and cuddling time together. Remember, Heimo is an attention and heat seeking missile. Toivo will bathe him. Toivo is warm. Target achieved.
The man loves Toivo too, and Toivo loves the man. Toivo has never liked any man until the man. I knew this man was a keeper when on one of his first visits to my home Toivo actually climbed into his lap. Mostly. Well, onto one leg. He had never climbed into anyone's lap other than mine before this, and he wasn't a young cat. And now nightly, he gets the good lovin' from the man. As soon as the man settles into bed, Toivo comes running up the side, nearly frantic and leans into him and gets his dose of loving, until he gets too warm and then walks contentedly down to the end of the bed and goes to sleep. This man of mine is a keeper. I think I'll keep him forever, I do.

(on top of man is Heimo, the heat seeking missile. The man, apparently, has a very warm belly. After all these years of just me and the cats, I now get leg room and the remote control. Someone else gets the cats. A very nice deal.)

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