Saturday, February 4, 2012


(If you've not read my photo essay on Why I Need a Swift and Ballwinder, here's where you can find it on my blog.)
Lookee what I found under the tree this past Christmas! Yippee! I've been asking for just these two items for many Christmases. Being persistent, and apparently optimistic and cheap as I've not made the purchase for myself, I was finally the recipient of every knitter's desire: a swift and ballwinder.
Here the two are, working in concert. A thing of beauty to behold. It keeps the cats at bay. I am no longer fighting with yarn attackers as I drape hanks over a chair and wind by hand. The first night, Boots sat on the kitchen table (not pictured), and tried to figure out how he could have yarn playing benefits from the moving apparatus, but gave up. Hee hee.
This handspun, hand-colored loveliness (which I purchased at a Santa's craft fair this past November), was lickety-swift neatly balled.
And two short hours later, became this:
It is knitomatic's Bulky Moebius Cowl. The pattern (free!) calls for bulky yarn, Malabrigo Rasta to be exact. My resolution this year (more detail about that to follow), is to knit more from my stash, so I pulled out this loveliness, wound it and followed Cat Bordhi's youtube tutorial on moebius cast-on. The original cast on amount was 50 stitches for the larger size, but this is not bulky yarn, so I cast on 72 stitches and away I went. Honestly, I thought I'd mucked the whole thing up, "surely I will be frogging this when it comes off the needles". The whole moebius knitting process is weird, wacky, and when finished, magical!
These pictures are pre-blocking, so there is a bit of wonk in the cowl
(but at least the bathroom mirror was clean)

It was a busy cowl weekend. I also cranked out a cowl last night after work, as the boys went to some races. I knit the Drop Stitch Cowl, but will save that for another post. I promise (as I do several times each year) to keep my blog more updated.

Why do I always take FO pics on the weekends when I have on no make-up and my hair isn't done????

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