Sunday, February 1, 2009

On Why I Need A Swift and A Ball Winder

The coast is clear:
Boys are sleeping soundly,
I head downstairs to drape a hank over a kitchen chair
and begin winding my lovely yarn into a ball.

Heimo can apparently smell yarn.

He especially enjoys the smell of yarn being wound into a ball.

Must lick yarn that smells this yummy.

"What light through yonder hank of yarn breaks?"

Looks like yarn. Smells like yarn. Yep! It's yarn!

Makes a quick get-away!

Fierce yarn hunter has secured his prey!

And would you believe, once I finished this post (following kidnapping and recovery of above ball of yarn), this is what I found in the bedroom:

I guess yarn-napping is tiring business! (or exciting enough to interrupt a nap for!)

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