Friday, February 10, 2012

Summer Day Break (FO Friday)

Ok, first let me say that I had been wearing Francis, Revisited, which I skinned out of to model Summer Day Break. Thus, the green fibrous matter all over my black shirt. Also, I don't think I normally have a flat spot of hair on the back of my head, but aseyes are in the front of my head, I will need to be more cautious when styling in the morning!
I finished Daybreak by Stephen West this past fall and it has not made its appearance yet on this blog. Beautiful shawl. Someone organized the desk drawer and my yarn bands are gone. I know I've written notes on this project, so will have to look them up and update the information on this post. I'm pretty sure they were Zauerballs, a lovely wool. I did drop a stitch midway into the shawl and did not notice that mistake until I had already cast off. I did the unthinkable. I knotted it! Yikes.
Knit this lovely project over my summer break, thus the change in name.

Week's wear in review:

Monday: Bulky Moebius, Tuesday: Central Park Hoodie, Chausettes Pour Moi, Wednesday: Drop Stitch Cowl, Thursday: Shalom, Friday: Heather Hoodie Vest and of course, as it's winter, each day I have worn my Cable Hat, which has never been photographed and uploaded to Ravelry or my blog. I love that hat. Will have to post pics soon. It's my go to hat.