Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm a Scribble Globe!

Lucy and Bob, mom's and dad's cats, (don't ask - weird family gift giving tradition) gifted me this scribble globe for Christmas. It's awesome! Mom thought I could take it to the classroom, but instead it sits front and center atop our entertainment center. It even came with chalk! I love changing the message often. I even put an "x" over our location and wrote "You Are Here" for those who stop by questioning their location. Which could happen to you in Illinois.
Today's knitwear of choice was the iconic Central Park Hoodie. I love this sweater. It was my first foray into cables. The buttons were chosen by mom and she has impeccable taste.

In addition to the CPH, I was also sporting my Chaussettes Pour Moi. Comfy comfy handknit socks! Yes, that's me sitting in the Dr.'s office. No worries, just routine stuff.

Work in progress, which did sit at the Dr.'s office with me, is Ingenue, about which I hope to post to WIP Wednesday tomorrow. Haven't done one of those posts in ages.

Don't keep scrolling, there are no gratuitous cat pictures today. But that scribble globe was a beaut', eh?

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  1. Neat gift they gave you. I've never seen a globe that you can write on ever.