Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Cowls and Little Clues

Friday evening I found myself alone in the house (which is a good thing on occasion!). I was trolling around on Ravelry and came across this big, warm, wonderful cowl pattern. Pattern called for one skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick. I have plenty of those in stash (remember, resolution to stash knit?) PERFECT. Dug out this red, dug out size 17 needles, put some nice, mindless t.v. on and away I went.
No cleaning, though at one point I did stop to eat. Took the following picture today and see now that I need to water the plant behind me (oops!). The darn thing sits by the heat duct and needs constant watering in the winter. The pattern is free(!) here on spiderwoman knits blog. She has adorable hand crafted items in her Etsy shop. Spent quite a bit of time perusing her blog. Wonderful, interesting and fun. Three essential adjectives for a blog. You should pop over and check it out. I am wearing the cowl today. Wore it to the fancy store as I was dropping something off (clue to you, dear reader). Was sweating in the store. I took my jacket off. I continued to sweat. I took my zip up sweatshirt off. More sweating ensued. Pulled Drop Stitch Cowl off. Whew, that's better! They need to turn the heat down in that store! A girl needs to be able to wear a fine knitted accessory inside as well as outside, am I right? Within my blog post are a few clues, as to an upcoming blog post news. I dropped something off and feel a little bit blue, but it will be back in a week or two. Stay tuned.


  1. Love this one as well, might have to give this pattern a try. After all I could use something like this for those cold winter days. Oh wait haven't had to many this year. LOL Look forward to hearing whatever news your going to share later.

    How are you these days? We should chat one of these weekends

  2. Your post just convinced me to make this cowl for my friend for her birthday. It looks great on you! I'm also planning on using size 17 needles instead of 15s. Did you cast on the same amount of stitches the pattern called for?

  3. I did cast on the same amount. I believe Lion Brand was the yarn called for in the pattern, so I followed it exactly. It is lovely, squishy soft, and WARM! Your friend will adore it!