Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Mama's Little Girl That was what Estelle was made of! Major change #2: I lost my little girl this past November, two days before Thanksgiving. She was an absolute doll. Everyone who met and knew Stella knows what I'm saying. She was just a lovely little girl. She loved loved loved the petting, especially on her cheeks and head. She wasn't demanding like the boys, though. She minded her own business but if you happened to sit down next to her and began to stroke, she was in heaven! If you were premature in finishing your strokes, she would head butt your arm to remind you that she was not demanding, "but, hey, since you're right here and you've already started..." I adopted Estelle from friends in Page, AZ who were headed off to Saipan to teach. They had three kitties they needed to find homes for and Estelle (whom they called India) had already had two new homes and again returned to them. This was no fault of hers. In one of the homes, the child appeared to have an allergy; in the next home the current cat developed a marking behavior as a result of having Estelle introduced into the home. I told my friend I would take her under two conditions: 1) that they would never ask for her back, and 2) that I could re-name her. She just did NOT look like an India. She was a chubby, frumpy little girl with a bright orange belly and I instantly named her Estelle. She started out life in unfortunate circumstances. She was abused and kicked for three years before being rescued. My friends adopted her from a shelter and following the adoption learned her story and that she had been a mama. She was a timid man-fearing kitty that they brought into their home to begin her new life surrounded by love. They loved her for three years before she entered my home and heart. So, despite her tough beginning she gave love and received love, was warm and happy and healthy for many years. We believe she was 15 or 16 when she passed. Estelle loved my man from the moment she met him. We joked that he was her boyfriend and not mine. Quite a statement for my man and quite a statement for her that she totally forgot her fear of men and wanted to be near him and have him love on her. She gazed at him in adoration (much the way I do). She had a little call that sounded like "mama" and she barked more than meowed. She had pretty little feet and her pads were mottled orange, pink and black. She left her mark for me forever with her footprint. We found out on a Friday that she had cancer and was at the vet because of a quick deterioration of her health. The vet told us that she was definitely uncomfortable and quite possibly in pain. We made the decision to have him come to the house to help her go in the love and comfort of her mama's arms the following Tuesday. We showered that little girl with love, affection and all the attention she wanted over the weekend and Monday. We kept her as comfortable as possible. My man insisted we buy her a heated pad, which she immediately took to and spent the rest of her sleeping time on. It remains where it was, with her lovely fur still on it, but now it includes a mascara tear smudge as well. I love you little girl! I miss you! I'll see you when I get there and we'll share head butts and Stella lovin' all over again! Thank you for the paw print. It has been a great source of comfort to me. Sleep warmly with Jacob. We miss you here. Your pawprint is on our lives forever.

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