Monday, February 15, 2010

Resolution Progress - FOs

How Freaking Cute are These!!!
I've spent most of February working away at baby knits for a soon to arrive bundle of baby boy joy. He will be bedecked with hand knits if I have anything to do with it!
I set down Wicked for the baby shower gifts. I'll be picking up Wicked again (actually picked it back up today).
But wait!!! There's more...
The sweater is a Debbie Bliss - Ribbed Baby Jacket in Bernat Cotton Tots. Booties are from KnitSimple. The jacket has puppy buttons and the booties have matching bone buttons. Mom to be also received a baby hat and baby kimono (Itty Bitty Hats and Mason Dixon Knitting patterns, respectively).
Boyfriend wants a pair of the converse slippers. Found an adult pattern on Ravelry from another Ravelry user. Will order the pattern and knit him some, as he's broken through his slippers (which I knit last year, and which graced this blog when I did).
Here's the progress on Wicked:


  1. Omigosh, those converse booties are ADORABLE!!! You don't happen to have a pattern for them, do you?

  2. I do! I found it on this blog: They were a big hit with the baby's mama!