Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Wicked is off the needles! I am two months into meeting my New Year's Resolution of at least a project a month. January saw Simply Marilyn (from The Best of Interweave Knits) and February has brought forth baby items and now Wicked (purchaed from Zephyrstyle, but just saw that it's on knitlulu. What happened to Rachel and Sarah? Are they not working together anymore? Zephrystyle is still there, but Wicked is not on the site - it's on Knitlulu.com). Not sure I really like the sweater as much as I liked the picture on the pattern. I didn't really want the short sleeves. Was waffling between short and long, perusing finished projects on Ravelry, and the boy spotted a project with this length sleeve. He really liked it and promoted it. So, I took his advice. I may make it a few inches longer in the ribbing. I basically followed the pattern without modifications, knowing that I don't prefer short sweaters. Not that it's cropped or anything, but I like my rather large hips to have a bit of coverage. Wicked has not been worn in public yet as I've yet to block it. Now, it's been off the needles several days and is still not blocking. Why? you ask...
Because this is what our village water looks like right now!
Or rather it's what it looked like the day Wicked was finished and for a few days after. Our water looks good now. Maybe I'll soak and block tonight.
Is it my imagination or does the pocket look crooked?
Of course, got a new project immediately on the needles. Francis Revisited by Beth Silverstein. I'm naming it Francis Ruth Revisited, as that was my maternal grandmother's name (less the word revisited). I found this painfully gorgeous yarn. the pattern calls for seven skeins and my LYS had 6 of the same dye lot and one other. I went ahead and bought them. Figured I could do the waist and arm banding as well as the cowl in the other dye lot. Hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt! I could not get gauge at needle size 10 so am using 10.5, still not getting exact gauge but did not want a sweater on 11s. Thought the weave would be too open. I'm not one to wear shirts under long sleeve sweaters as I get too warm. I'm feeling like this may be too open a weave on 10.5s, but we'll see. The yarn is Cascade Pastaza in a lovely emerald green. Here's Boots visiting Francis Ruth Revisited:

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  1. I actually think the sweater looks great on you! It's a very good shape for you. I don't think the pocket is crooked, I just think it's a little "poucy" on one side from your hand being in it, plus, you're not standing perfectly straight while taking the pictures.