Sunday, April 17, 2011

Clapotis Lamentis

Clapotis was rockin' on the needles. I am not a scarf knitter (I know, I used to not be a sock knitter), but this scarf I wanted. I scoured the projects of ravelry and decided upon sock yarn. I was knitting increases. It was a busy time and it didn't seem like loads of progress was being made, but progress was being made. Soon I started the straight rows. I got to the first drop stitch row. I dropped the stitch. It ran down. I helped it along. Lovely, lovely! Fun! Fun! Then I got to the next dropped stitch. I dropped the stitch. It ran down. I helped it along. It kept right on going! Yikes! The stabilizing stitch was one stitch away.
Hmmm. Two weeks was I into this scarf. This scarf I love, but am not a scarf knitter for. To frog or not to frog. That's a lot of fingering weight frogging. If I knotted the dropped stitch in this section, I could continue on my merry way and have one little tiny section (who would notice, really?) with a knotted spot. That's a lot of frogging. I continued on my merry way. Then it hit me. These stabilizing stitches are spaced. If one is off..... So I stopped and checked and yessir, indeedy, I believe they are off. Way early on, I goofed.
With tears in my eyes, I frogged Clapotis. 14 lovely inches of Clapotis. I cast back on but now only have one inch. So I did what any self-respecting frogger would do. I cast on a new project. A quickie that would boost my self-confidence, so that I could say "see, I'm a good knitter". That new project is called Spider and Web Lace Cowl. I'm using Knit Picks Felici in Chimney. Since it has dark gray, lighter grays (webby colors), black and a splash of red, my cowl will be named "Black Widow Cowl". I'm making good progress. No mistakes. Instant fix of knitter confidence.
Another good fix: the wearing of Shalom. The receiving of many compliments. You know you're a knitter when a cold front enters during the warmer days of spring and you think "Yes! I can wear that new knit today; it won't have to actually wait until next fall!"

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