Monday, April 4, 2011

A Fetching Good Knit! 2 FOs (2!)

Fetching, aren't they?
I started these Friday on the bus to wile away the transportation time of the field trip with my 5th graders. Knit the second of the pair on Sunday.
I love them!
Now I know what the fuss was about on Ravelry.
My modifications: I added 4 additional rows before the thumb, and added another cable repeat on the fingers. I based this on measurement, so my row gauge may have been off, as the pictures from the pattern and other projecters seem to hit at about the same spot on the fingers. I did not add a thumb gusset, but wishing I had. The thumb opening is not constricting or inhibiting, nor does it limit your range of motion, but you can certainly feel that there is no gusset. I might make my mom a pair of these for Easter. She has terrible arthritis in her fingers, which these won't keep warm, but at least her hands would be warm...?
Ok, that was just a weird sort of rationale to knit mom a girly pair of fetching, wasn't it?
The recently discovered macro setting on my camera shows a bit too much detail (the pasty, hairy arms!) Really, my arms do not resemble a gorilla's. Shalom is finished and ready to be blocked. It has met Boots' approval: Once blocked and buttoned, I will update pictures. As to the 2nd Annual Knitting Crochet Blog Week: I had a blast with that! Was great fun to wait for the inspiration on assignments and read everyone else's posts. "Met" many new blogs and their owners through the week. Received comments (which I look forward to, as do all bloggers, but rarely get). I am definitely in for next year! In fact, hoping another blog assignment pops up before then, as it was a fabulous way to connect with other knitter bloggers. I did not do my post assignments this weekend, but it was a busy busy weekend. We had a birthday party for grandbaby (his First!!) to attend. Temperatures soared yesterday, and we spent the day with many out-of-doors projects, including getting the golf cart out and about. And today, the weather has turned to crap again. No worries: we are on the downslide of winter and upslide of spring now, for which fetching, new, fingerless mitts are perfect. And now, Clapotis will hop onto my needles. Stay tuned.

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