Saturday, February 2, 2013

They're Now Mine

I know I promised you this post days before now, but the boy had a rather large homework project that required the computer and being the teacher that I am, there was no way I would kick him off the computer when he was completing required assignments!  Sorry you had to wait.  He received a nice grade for his efforts, but I'm afraid I have gotten a D for timeliness! 

 Susie's Reading Mitts, cast on as a project for mom.  Was intended as a stealth item, but while cruising around on Ravelry with her, she saw the pattern for them, and wowed over the lovely, white mitts with the pattern.  Of course, they were in angora so they had a gorgeous halo.  And she has a black and white winter coat.  It all made sense to order her some white angora/merino blend yarn.  (Yes, Mom, if you're reading, I'm using luxury angora/merino yarn on your mitts!!)   So, finished these for myself and just in time for another cold blast of winter.  I pulled them on over my driving gloves this week and it made going out into the cold worthwhile!   So warm, so cozy.  Love!  And they match Ingenue, as they were knit from the Cascade 220 leftover from that knit. 

 The boy was my photographer here.  We tried several artsy shots, but lost the purple color in each of those.  So we're opting for practical and realistic vs. artsy and inaccurate.
Had I cast on with the intention of knitting for me, I may have chosen the small.  These were knit medium.  There is a bit of extra room in with wrist, but I do have ridiculously tiny wrists.  Freakishly tiny.  (That bulge on the left is my watch).  But, it all worked out, as my driving gloves fit well under them.  
I also cast on five stitches when picking the thumb back up, and k2tog each row until only one extra stitch was left.  So glad I followed that modification that others were using on Ravelry.  No gap on thumb, and nice and roomy (but not too) to get gloves under and still unrestricted use of that opposable thumb of mine. 

While I wait the arrival of my package of yarny angora goodness, I cast on for a baby hat.  A young mother I know is having twin girls.  Following Itty Bitty Hats by Susan Anderson, Simple Baby Cap 2.  Plan to have shiny tulle emitting forth from the top.  As there are two baby girls on their way, another hat will be started immediately.  Heimo is a very cooperative model!
We have learned that he freezes when a hat is placed upon his head!

It's a bit girly for him, don't you think?

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