Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Whites

A box arrived!  
A February, winter box of glorious whites arrives!  
Packages are such a treat, especially when they contain yarn.

 This stuff is so lovely, even the cats want to check it out! 
 Wishing I had draped my table in a darker tablecloth to showcase the yarn, but it is the season of winter whites, after all!
 Boots obliges the photographer with a yarny pose.
 Does that label say Angora Merino?
 It does!  Lion Brand has a collection of yarns only available by online order, which includes this Angora Merino blend.  80% extrafine merino, 20% angora.  I did tear into the package to fondle this little ball of fluff and it is soft and sweet.  It is part of the LB Collection.    An affordable decadence.

Even the yarn band is a treat to the eyes.  Soon, these will be on my needles and will adorn my mother's hands.  Those hands that have held me so gently through the years should definitely be cocooned in angora softness! 

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