Sunday, March 27, 2011

Join Together with the Band(wagon)

I am currently well underway with Shalom. I'm truly loving this knit. Love the yarn, love the pattern. Malabrigo Chunky in Hollyhock colorway. The pattern is well-written, but I don't care for the waist shaping decreases, and should I ever make this again, I would use a different method. They are just too visible for me, especially in this chunky yarn. They are located under the arm on the sides, so I suppose they won't show much in wear, but I will know they are there. Right now my arms stitches are sitting on waste yarn. Have not yet decided if I will include something of a sleeve, or just bind off.
I must admit that knitting with chunky yarn makes me appreciate fingering, sport, and worsted weight yarn. That being said, knitting with fingering, sport and worsted weight yarn makes me appreciate chunky yarn. So, while I am working on this chunky yarn sweater, I am envisioning projects requiring fingering or sport weight yarn.
The hankering for a hank of sock weight yarn has me planning to cast on for Clapotis after Shalom. I have some brilliant colorful Opal sock yarn that I think would knit up a beautiful Clapotis. I'm usually neither a scarf knitter nor wearer, but feel the need to jump on the Clapotis bandwagon. However, all the pictures of Clapotis have me longing for the kind of je ne sais quoi that wearing a large scarf affords the wearer. Perhaps I secretly aspire to be a scarf wearer. Perhaps I've never had the proper scarf(ves) to allow me to be a scarf wearer. Oh, the possibilities of a new handknit! And since my knitting lemming is outing, I'll admit I'm also considering Monkey by Cookie A. Yes, the consideration is largely based on the desire to join all the other projecters and come away with those particular socks under my belt.
How would this look as Clapotis?

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