Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Kind of Saturday

We took a small road trip this weekend to visit the Ps. The added bonus was time with my brother and his wife as well. While the ladies went shopping, the men went fishing.
Despite the cold temperatures on the Mississippi River, the men toughed it out.
The poles are minding themselves down on the bank. "should we head down to the bank, or over to what the young one has going?"
The youngest of the men understands the need for warmth (and has a penchant to burn things). When the ladies arrive, he is creating fire.
With afghans from the trunk, we huddle by the fire.
And now I'm home and it was a wonderful weekend with family. My kind of Saturday is surrounded by those I love. Speaking of My Kind of Saturday, when little owl (Skeeter, as I call him), came off the needles, I was all prepared to cast on Shalom, which we all know I have been planning to start for MONTHS! But the weather has been lovely, and the day of Skeeter's arrival was especially so. Therefore, the needles were requiring a springtime knit. Thus, My Kind of Saturday, by irishgirlieknits, being knit with Kollage 100% recycled jeans yarn Riveting.
This is my kind of springtime knit!
The yarn feels a bit scratchy right now, but am hoping it's like a pair of jeans and softens after a run through the washer and dryer! p.s. - I am officially on spring break!!!!

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