Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Kind of Spring Break Knitting! FO

I attended a spring break Stitch n Bitch with some friends today. Was a very fun session! There were only four of us; one of us knit (me), one crocheted, one learned to crochet (from the other) and one of us did needlepoint. We ate cookies and crab salad and worked away on our projects. I finished My Kind of Saturday:
I was even able to do lacework while chatting with the gals! Kudos to me! I had a bit of ladder at the beginning of the round. Hmmm? That doesn't happen to me. But I remembered it happened at the toe decreased on my Pour Moi! socks. Then it hit me...cotton yarn and stainless steel needles. I never get gauge with that combination, due to the slickeriness (my own word, thank you very much) of the cotton on stainless steel. I wasn't too far off on gauge and wasn't concerned as this was a cowl, but now I think it contributed to the ladder. Climb that ladder right up to the brain and implant that bit of self-knowledge for further reference! It might not drape exactly as it would with the additional 12 rows of stockinette (the first 6 of which were left out inadvertently - the last 6 intentionally). Mid-way into the lace pattern, I realized I omitted the stockinette that immediately follows the border. I just couldn't stomach the idea of frogging back all that lace at 120 stitches on the needles! The final set of stockinette was left out intentionally to make the pattern symmetrical! I'm calling it a design element change, rather than a big, fat mistake! And Angela made her first crochet project, start to finish, today! A lovely little variegated black and white coaster. And she was so proud of herself, and we of her!!! Welcome to the fiber arts, Angela!

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