Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday Kitty

Tomorow is my birthday and I will be 42. Nearly 40 years ago, I got the best birthday present ever. He was an all white, inky looking kitten. The inky look was from being in a box of newspapers. I named him Jacob. He was the love of my life for very nearly 20 years. I spent my adult life with him. Three years ago in May (May 24 to be exact), Jacob passed away in my arms. I miss him daily. We shared all those birthdays and now I can't acknowledge a birthday without saying Happy Birthday to my sunshine. Happy Birthday Jacob, my love. Mama misses you!

Sleep softly, my love! Sleep warmly. I will post more pictures of Jacob and my other kitty babies as I progress in this blog. The kitty family is angel Jakey, Toivo, Estelle and Heimo, each of which will be honored with their own biograhical posts, as well as their own flickr slide shows. Mom and dad are coming to visit me tomorrow in celebration of my birthday. We will eat, drink and be merry. The plans are to shop and do dinner. My good friend Cindy in Arizona sent me a fabulous birthday card. This is the cover: Thank you Cindy and Dick! I think this is hilarious! The inside of the card says "fingers crossed". I want a job writing greeting cards. Imagine the fun! So, I will be spending quality time with my parents tomorrow, who are, by the way, my two very favorite people on the planet! The computer is in the guest bedroom, so chances are, tomorrow I won't be posting to the blog any childhood birthday party pictures, as I did for my brother, but one never knows what I will do...

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