Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Wonder of Hand Knits

The man in that photo is my dad. The youngster he is holding is my brother. My brother is now 45 years old. My dad is also considerably older. (Hey Dad, don't you like how I didn't post your age! Sure threw big brother under the bus, though, eh?) Check out the date on the photo. The hat that is gracing my father's head in this photo was knit for him by his mother two years before this photo was taken. "What is the wonder of hand knits?" you ask. My dad is still wearing this hat. It no longer boasts a ball atop (men don't like the word pom-pom in reference to anything that they wear), but it has no holes and still keeps his head warm in Illinois winters. Next time I'm with my dad, I'll get a picture of him wearing that hat. I'm pretty sure he won't want to pick up my brother and attempt the same photo. That would probably throw his back out!

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