Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year...A New Blog!

I've wanted to start a knitting blog for quite some time, having lurked among many great knitting blogs. This Christmas, my lovely boyfriend gifted me a computer, which was quite a surprise, as evidenced by the accompanying photo. Today, the day of my older brother's birthday, I begin! This is all very new to me, so I suspect it will start out rusty and creaking, but here's keeping our fingers crossed that I learn and that I learn well and that this will be shiny and well-oiled in no time!
My knitting New Year's Resolution is to get projects off needles and to complete AT LEAST one project per month this year. Since I made this resolution on the first of 2009, I have Juliet by Zephyrstyle off my needles and it is blocking in anticipation on the guest bed. I completed the slipper for my mom that was on the needles as well as starting and finishing the second slipper in the pair. Can't be too congratulatory about the slippers as they're such a quick knit. The slippers are side cable slippers available on Both works are up on my ravelry account.
A GREAT BIG HEARTY THANK YOU to my guy for this fabulous computer and all his time and energy in getting it up and running for me. He is so patient with my technological idiocy. He never pokes fun; he just gets things done for me.


  1. awesome slippers im trying to learn how to knit but ill stick to driving my rc.