Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Angel Kitty in Heaven

Oh my! Talked to my very best friend yesterday on my birthday, and after the usual "happy birthday" greetings, she informed me that the night before she had to let her lovely little lady kitty Sadie go on. I hate like hell that she's going through this right now. I know the pain. I didn't know Sadie well, but she was a unique little girl kitty who loved to climb up my leg, rub on my face, and drink water from the faucet while I was washing up during my visits. Goodbye, little sneezy girl! Curl up with Brutus and Benny and Raspberry and Havoc and Jakey and Gia and all the curl-around-your-leg animals that have graced our lives. Look over your mommy and daddy and baby brother and Audrey and let them know that you are still and always with them! (maybe leave mommy a little sneeze).

1 comment:

  1. Thanks. I was here at work going through your blog & there was my very favorite picture of My Sadie and Little Man. Yep, nothing better than weeping at work..... Thanks for posting a memory of her.