Monday, January 19, 2009


This past weekend, which turned out to be a four day weekend due to Thursday and Friday school cancellations due to extreme cold, I did a little PMS - pre-menstrual shopping. Went to The Yarn Exchange in Dekalb and found exactly what I wanted for Amused. Cascade Yarns 100% Peruvian Highland Wool in charcoal gray (color no. 8400). The picture does not show the depth of the gray, but it is much darker. I have been wanting to knit a charcoal gray sweater for myself, but hadn't found the pattern, nor the yarn. I found both this weekend!
I did not come home and immediately cast-on because I had to think carefully about the resolution I had made to get projects off needles. I'm pretty sure I said one project off needles per month. So, I cast-on for Amused shortly after I got home. Now, here's my line of thinking in apparently breaking this resolution:
a) I'm not fully enjoying Poppy (and one should fully enjoy their knitting, am I right?);
b) Poppy is being knit out of cotton, and the arctic temperatures we are now facing really justify a wool sweater; and
c) I got Juliet off the needles in January, so that counts as my one project off, right?
I'm not one to normally have several projects on needles. I tend to start and finish a project. But, I think I explained the circumstances of Poppy being on my needles to begin with...
PLUS...Amused requires me to try some new skills: crochet cast-on, reversible cables, so that's a big bonus and should be d) in my above list.
Haven't made great progress, but here it is:
The yarn feels just slightly scratchy as it runs through my fingers, but the fabric feels oh-so-soft resting against my palms. I won't count on getting Amused off the needles by the end of the month, but we'll just have to see how my knitting progresses. The boys are going to a monster truck rally this Saturday sans me, so that promises to be some quality knitting time. (By the way, that sans me is completely voluntary). In December I knit several Cherry Garcias, including one for myself, which I love! It was amazingly quick to knit as well as fun, just as the name implies. Not the best pic of me, nor the best lighting, but here is my Cherry Garcia knit with stash acrylic yarn (yes, once again, the Bernat Softee Chunkee, and apparently, I'm on a gray kick, but I was on a blue kick last year, so at least I'm changing colors). It is WARM! It also has the added feature of being costumish on my boyfriend. He tried it on and looked remarkably like Henry VIII! Speaking of my boyfriend, he took me to see a movie this weekend, and a romance at that! Saw Last Chance Harvey. The acting was fabulous, and it was set in London. Do I have the best boyfriend ever, or what? Thanks sweetie!

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  1. Your personality sure comes through on this, I enjoyed it. It's my first blog experience and it took me awhile to figure out how to post. Have fun and i promise to venture into the knitting underground again sometime soon! TS