Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Art of Staying Warm

Finished the boy's snowboarder hat. I'm calling it the Michael Who Rocks Hat. Pattern is irishgirlieknits pattern (snowboarder that rocks). This was the special request, colors included. I held two strands of Lion Brand wool-ease together to create this. (Holding two strands together for cable work has rubbed the edge of my thumb a bit raw.) He wore it to school today and had someone ask him how much he'd sell it for. That's a nice compliment from pre-teen boys! He likes it and that's what counts. Now his buddy wants a camouflage hat just like the one I knit for the man. Guess there will be another hat on my needles, and I just picked Mr. Tweedy Greenjeans back up. Was good getting back to sweater knitting, nice meditative stitching with a bit of interesting cable patterning occuring every few rows.
Toivo and Heimo snuggling while mama types away on her blog.
It does feel a bit chilly in here.

I acquired some Rowan Cotton Rope this week. Someone was de-stashing on ravelry and I was stashing. Cotton Rope is discontinued, so I'm thrilled with the acquisition. 10 lovely skeins in Calypso. I'm stashing it for Frontier Blues Jacket by Wendy Bernard. It will be great fun to shop for the ribbon trim on that jacket. Knitting Daily took a poll for their next KAL and Frontier Blues Jacket was one of the choices. Unfortunately, it did not end up being the winner, which is probably a good thing as I have way to many patterns in my queue right now to start on Frontier Blues. (Which I think I'll call Summertime Blues Jacket, what with being the manic Who fan that I am, and it will probably be summertime before that beauty finds its way off of a set of needles!).

I love getting yarn in the mail!

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