Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feeling Girly

The first items off of the needles for the new year include a gi-normous cowl. The Fit to Be Tied from Cowl Girls will be much to warm for me to wear as I had intended: as a fashion accessory. The yarn is just too thick to drape, even if I knit the tie as per knitting instructions. I do believe I am going to rip back several inches, start some increases and make a regular cowl. Fit to be Tied is a tube and therefore WAY TOO bulky and warm! It would be fabulous in cold temperatures under my coat, but I was craving a fashion statement with this one.
It looks like a beehive!

Next item declared as finished: ribbed hat for the man. I used Paton's classic wool in camouflage, left-over from the endless Christmas sock knitting adventure. The hat I made last year was a bit too short to cover his ears entirely. I followed the ribbed hat pattern from Holiday Knits.

I love how the colors pooled into a spiral on the crown:

The boy requested a snowboarder's hat. He asked me if it would be too difficult to knit one. Silly boy; he forgets who he's talking to! I took him on ravelry and we searched patterns and projects. He has requested the Snowboarder Hat That Rocks by irishgirlieknits. I will be off to the yarn store tomorrow. It is not often that a 12 year old boy requests something handknit! I had better jump on this one (and it has cables to boot so it will be an interesting knit). Believe it or not he has also requested that the top include a pom-pom, which he did not refer to as a pom-pom. Rather, he called it a "top ball". I did have to assure him that it would be removable should he not like it.

Yesterday while getting the full treatment at the hair salon (cut and color and highlights), I received a text from my man. It said "after you finish with your hair, go get your nails done". Now, mind you, I don't need permission to spend money. I earn half of the household income and he would never imply that he is in charge. It was simply the thought that he was directing me to spoil myself! What a dreamy guy this girl has. And there is nothing girly-er than pretty hands peeking out from the oversized sleeves of a girl wearing her boyfriend's sweatshirt:

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