Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back and Forward

The first day of the new year has me looking forward to the knits to come and looking back at the knits that have been. I created a collage of finished knits and it seems so few projects made it off the needles. There were a few additional baby hats and sweaters not included in the collage, and additional pair of socks (identical to camouflage socks) and other small items. I did not knit over the summer months this year, which may explain the shortage of FOs to post.
My favorite knit items: the Heather Hoodie Vest is amazing! I love this knit and wear it a lot. It is uber warm and the red buttons just make the vest for me.
Also, Francis, Revisited is a frequently worn sweater. Pastaza yarn in a gorgeous emerald green, the simplicity of the sweater itself with just the right amount of detailing - plentiful cowl neck with seed stitch edging, flared cuffs and hem with same seed stitch make a simple sweater interesting and attractive.
The socks - all of them, all three pairs of them - for my family. To be able to product socks for them felt so damn good, I can't even tell you! The men's socks were knit using 3x3 rib worsted short row heel pattern from The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor. Mom's socks were knit with a traditional heel. I did not think that short row heels were easier, but stuck with them through all four of the men's to produce an identical product. However, I think I will prefer to knit traditional heels from now on. Aside from the warm fuzzies I got gifting these to my family, the socks gave me inspiration to continue with sock knitting. I've always felt out of the loop not being a sock knitter. I truly enjoy knitting sweaters and feel it's my preference, but began dreaming of more pairs of socks to come off of my needles, and different sock patterns and sock yarns. I do believe I may set up the summer months as sock knitting months!
So the above rank as favorites for the year, but all were fun to knit.
Did I meet last year's resolution to knit a project a month? There are enough projects to surpass the number 12 as in months of the year; but in being honest, I don't feel that I did because I did no summer knitting at all.
Looking forward: I have a few items on the needles now (yes, I know I state that I'm a monogamous knitter and that seems contradictory to admit several WIPs). There is a knitted hat or two in the works and a pair of mittens. But....the mittens...these were my visions of sugar plums. My new, never-before-tried-knit, pretty enough to follow and endless stream of camouflage socks. BUT, the transitioning yarn in the pattern, transitioned in a color indistinguishable from the background color and they are so tight. I don't want tight mittens. I set these aside and began a different "sugar plum" project instead. The disappointment of the mittens was so off-putting that I couldn't help myself. These will have to be frogged, which I hate doing, but the crazy part of frogging for me is that I have to finish first to accurately determine that something must be ripped out. Goofy, huh? So, I'm pretty darn sure these are going to need to be pulled out, but that little voice in my head tells me to finish them and assess the damage at that point. So, how fun can it be to finish something that you know you will rip out? That is all self-imposed, but there it is. I am what I am. And yesterday while at the shopping mall, I acquired a beautiful pair of down mittens at Eddie Bauer, which doesn't propel me to finish the mittens which essentially I've already replaced. May mittens will be in my summer knitting plans as well.
I look forward to many knits this year as I again attempt my project a month resolution and pay special attention to summer knitting. Wendy Bernard's Ingenue is in my queue, as well as Shalom both of which I've already purchased yarn for. I chose the standard, affordable, versatile Cascade 220 for Ingenue in a beautiful deep purple, and Malabrigo Merino Chunky in hollyhock a sumptuous orchid color. Maybe this is the year of purple for me!
On the needles right now: Fit to be Tied by Cathy Carron from Cowl Girls. Such a fun book. A Merry Christmas to me book. Loads of gorgeous cowls to choose from, why stop at just one? There are several in there I'm itching to add to my wardrobe. Mom and dad bought me some lovely merino and mohair yarn while in Alaska a few years back. I am using it to knit Fit which is working up like a beautiful cloud. The cloudy aspect of the mohair is hiding the beaded rib stitch a bit, but no matter to me because this yarn is stunning! Pictures and additional yarn details soon. The yarn colorway is called "Foggy Forest", which I love. But, don't fear, I'll post pics soon.
Happy New Year to everyone! We had an enjoyable evening hosting friends to welcome in the new year with us. Having a lazy day today as a result. Remember, this year is to be the year of the Very Merry Ordinary Day/Week/Month/Year/Life.
The boy and I wanted a snowman, but the snow was too light and airy and fluffy and wouldn't pack. Our solution: a snowman lying down:
And the very next day the weather suddenly warmed and our snowman looked like a mysterious archaeological dig:

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