Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Alaskan Gift Cowl has been completely revamped. I am now calling it the Alaskan Re-Gifted Cowl. I tore out the seam (which was no small feat as apparently I excel at seaming.) Couldn't find my darn seam yarn. I ended up cutting just below the seam and frogged to the cast-on edge. Then pulled random bits of cut yarn out of stitches, many, many stitches. Let me re-iterate: MANY, MANY stitches with cut up bits of yarn preventing them from frogging nicely. Lots and lots of yarn bits.
Frogged back a reasonable ways - didn't measure, tried it on. The fabric was wonderfully stretchy so I didn't have to cast back on to mathematically calculate how to add increases to the beaded rib pattern. It just nicely (magically) pulled down over my shoulders. The cowl falls gracefully from my neck.
Et Voila!
Wore Re-Gifted today to work and received many compliments. Am pleased with it now. I knew I would never wear the bee-hive of fabric around my neck and the cost, the beauty and the sentimentality of the yarn just wouldn't let me stash it in the closet. It just sat on the desk near my bed so that I could ponder it daily. Yesterday, it came to me. I do believe I have enough yarn left to do a nice lace pattern SMALL cowl also. That should have been my task to begin with, but hindsight always wins, doesn't it? Substitutions are a crap-shoot, and I hit craps with that one! I do want a Fit To Be Tied cowl, and I will make one someday with more appropriate yarn.
Knitting blog world is floating around instructions to post a picture of yourself wearing a handknit. A picture not taken to show off a handknit. Didn't look too intensely, but do have this picture from the 2009 Thanksgiving family photo with me styling Amused. I wear the heck out of this one. The past two weeks I have worn a handknit to work 4 out of 5 days. (Why not five? Last Friday was Packer v. Bears day at work and I had to regale myself in Packer wear while the rest of the building (minus a few brave souls like me) dressed in Bears colors. I've never knit a Green Bay Packer sweater.

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